Last March, we celebrated my husband’s birthday at a Patti Smith concert. A week later the lockdown happened. I often look at photos from that night, wondering who in the audience might have had Covid, who might have died in the weeks or months that followed, who probably lost a loved one. This seems normal, looking to the past for answers about the present and the future, trying to find clues about the collective loss of 2020.

This year, for his birthday, my husband I had our first meal out in a year, celebrating on St. Patrick’s Day at a…

Crime and Punishment

My colleagues and I are not well.

I could tell you about all the reasons why. I could rattle off what we’ve handled and what we haven’t. I could tell you all this but instead I will let you in a little. Not the big gaping lot of what we’ve done these past twelve months. Just this:

I saw a good doctor today walking down the hall on his way home. He is a wonderful man — a kind, caring professional with a deep, nice voice and I often make a point of talking to him to…

I volunteered last week to administer Covid vaccinations for county. It was a day off for me but I stood there in the rain, screening folks and taking temperatures and watching as car after car drove by past me on their way to the Vaccine Party. We gave 2400 shots that Friday, mostly to those over 65. The partygoers were nervous, relieved, scared. I heard “I haven’t left the house in a year,” and “I’m terrified.” I saw worry in their eyes, heard the nervousness in their voices as they answered my questions, gave their answers. With each car that…

Covid-19, A Year Later

Nearly a year ago, I was sitting at the cramped nurse’s station in the operating room where I work, hearing about the first community transmission of Covid-19 in California. “It’s here,” a surgeon reported to me. “We’ve got it.”

We all knew what “it” was but had no idea what it meant to have it in our midst. This was the end of February. A few weeks earlier, I’d read about the Diamond Princess cruise ship whose passengers had been confirmed to have Covid-19. The ship remained quarantined at first, then, ten days later, all of…

Vicki Forman

Writer, mother, knitter, nurse — not necessarily in that order.

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